From: Squidward
To: Spongebob
Well here you go









Laura on Strombo!!! <3

damn, this is an intense interview.

Seriously excellent interview. I didn’t know she’d moved to Chicago. Maybe I’ll run in to her some time. Of course, I’m far too much of a suburban dork to get be her friend, but she seems so very cool and down to earth.

Whenever I watch an interview with a trans women I brace myself for when the interviewer asks something offensive but it never happened here so yeah, it was pretty great. Deff worth a watch.  

Also, goddamn Laura just keeps getting hotter. < 3

omg the interviewer HAS to be trans. no cis man would be so engaged emotionally with her coming out process and have so much to ask about that. 

!!!!! i remember seeing george s. on muchmusic growing up, he was always a great interviewer (i even met him once. i had such a crush omg.) this is really fantastic!

i wish interviewers like George Stroumboulopoulos were the standard rather than the exception, especially in interviews with trans women. too bad he’s leaving the show to host hockey night in canada =(